Production Review: Justin Timberlake – Man of the Woods

justin timberlake man of the woods production review

Justin Timberlake – Man of the Woods | Production Rating: 6/10

Filthy: The name in itself explains the vibe of the sound-bed. From the guitar and live drum solo to the wobble synth it almost screams FutureSex/LoveSounds reject. Let’s see what the rest of the album is sounding like..

Midnight Summer Jam: Without checking the credits you can already tell this is a Neptunes-produced track given the signature drum-bongo combination. Shout out to the harmonica solo midway through and acoustic guitar switch up at the end.

Sauce: Simple drum programming with the addition of a distorted guitar riff so not much to report on. 

Man of the Woods: Ok, the 808 and folk vibe is something I’ll have to get used to. Though I expected it going in, I’m not a fan crossing the two. Seems corny so this track couldn’t get a full play. Leave it up to the Neptunes to be behind this rubbish.

Higher Higher: Chad and Pharrell gives JT a real chill blues-esk vibe on this one that I’m not completely mad at.

Wave: Eh, could’ve kept this. Moving along..

Supplies: I wasn’t a fan of throwing 808s on anything just to appeal to the “cool crowd” but this one GOES. The 1st Neptune beat I’m really rocking with thus far. 

Morning Light: Another electric guitar and some drums type beat. Nothing to see here.

Say Something: Listening to the clap percussion programming I just knew Timbaland had a hand in this one. The country vibe is very infectious on this one. No complaints.

Flannel: Damn, back to the typical acoustic country riff with 808 drums tossed on top. I’ll pass..

Montana: The chord progression on this one is nice. The incorporation of vintage synths always seals the deal. Good job Neptunes!

Breeze Off The Pond: These last two Neptune productions have been on point. As a fan I’d say I’m happy to see Chad and Pharrell back to business with the funk vibes. 

Living Off the Land: Nothing to really report on this that hasn’t been said but I ain’t mad at it. Issa vibe.

The Hard Stuff: The superb drum-programming on this one hit me from jump. Factor in the guitar lead and bass undertone, Eric Hudson and Rob Knox produced beat is a keeper. The best beat on the album in our opinion.

Young Man: A beat made for JT to talk to his son so no complexity to it and something I passed on. Sue me.

In essence, Justin Timberlake executed his cross of country, folk, and hip hop pretty well. Though some parts more cornier than others, I’d say it’s in a lane of its own and not mad at the boundary pushing with this one. I’m looking forward to hearing him step out his ‘Timbo and Neptune’ box by working with other producers because let’s admit it, they’ve ran their course musically with him. Out.

Written by BeePeeEm

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